About Me

Welcome! My name is Sean Chase, and I am a consultant and entrepreneur living in the Phoenix area. Currently, I am the co-owner of My Billboard – a recent startup company which provides a Web-based content management system for digital advertising. I also work as a contract consultant (generally as a senior software engineer). I have designed and developed Web-based applications for non-profits, data warehouses for the United States Army and Boys and Girls Clubs of America, as well as critical infrastructure solutions for law enforcement agencies.

As a former Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), I have had the opportunity to teach other software engineers as well as ingrained in my personality a strong desire to stay current with Microsoft technologies. I have also co-authored several self-paced training books for Microsoft Press.

Lately I have been focusing on open-source platforms – particularly javascript-based – such as Angular and Node. This divergent experience makes me well-rounded in software engineering as well as technical training, documentation, leadership, and mentoring.